Advice Services

If you are unused to the world of rail or water freight and want to explore how your company could be making greater use of them, the Centre is keen to help.  Whether it is specific questions about a location or a mode, or about a given movement of goods you'd like to test for suitability to rail or water, please get in touch.

Knowledge and the expertise

By drawing on our knowledge and the expertise of our members and industry contacts, we can help with introductory information about rail, short-sea, coastal and inland water freight related to your particular needs.  We aim to provide you with enough information to know if there is a case to examine further.

We can also point you in the direction of the right providers who could help on the next step to integrating rail or water into your supply chain.

Get you started

Our aim is to help you get started. So if you want to understand more and have not started a commercial discussion with a provider, please get in touch.

If you are facing problems with using alternative modes today, whether it’s due to political policy issues or services offered, we’d also like to hear from you.

Contact us at or on 08700 340455.